Update from Deep South

Dear Readers,

I am happy to see continual likes on the FB page and the followers here.  THANK YOU!!!  I appreciate you all!  A hundred thanks to you all.

I do want to give a quick update on why Deep South reviews have fallen off on posts and reviews the past two months.  It’s all because of an opportunity to follow a passion of mine relating to books.  I was accepted to grad school for Library & Information Science!!!  My leisure reading ended abruptly at the beginning of June with my first semester, which I have successfully finished.  It was crazy but I survived and am gearing up for Fall now.  Grad school has been a big change but one that I am super excited about! I thought I was an avid reader but school takes that up a few notches to insane amounts of reading!  Insane amounts!  I’m still excited though and that’s half the battle.

So, with this news, I ask that you please keep following, please, please!  I will be posting cover reveals and promotional events still.  I also hope to get a book review or two out once a semester.  Well, one is more likely than two to be honest.

As fellow book lovers, I hope you understand and appreciate that I am on a new journey to truly follow my love of books into the future!  You guys may see an occasional post or two about librarians on here as well.  Thanks again for following my blog!




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